30 January 2011

More Random Comic Strips

First one is from the strip Pearls Before Swine by Stephen Pastis
          And now a sweet(er) one from One Big Happy by Rick Detorie



29 January 2011

Before you say 'OK'

Check this out! The origin of the word 'O.K'

o. k., o. k. etymology definition | Etymology dictionary at Dictionary.com

O.K.. deaLteen signing out now!

A (GREAT) Review of a ROHO by Thermos Watterbottle

  Hey guys! How’s your week been? I hope you were able to snatch up a few of those awesome freebies and deals I posted earlier.. As in earlier this month because I haven't really seen any good freebies or deals this week. (Don’t forget most freebies take anywhere from 2 -10 weeks to ship so you will probably be waiting a while) But anyway I’m meant to be blogging about ROHO bottles by Thermos so I guess I should start!

This summer, my mom bought me a ROHO bottle at Target for use at a camp. When she brought it home, at first I didn’t like the design, but it grew on me after I fell in love with the way the bottle is designed.
   I’ll start from the top up. I love the push button flip top, and the whole way the cap/lid is designed. (See picture) Its anti leak so if it ends up being upside down in my back pack it doesn’t even matter… unless of course I didn’t screw the lid in cap in correctly. Big plus is that it’s metal. I’m all for metal water bottles.. and don’t worry its BPA free. This ROHO bottle’s 18 0z capacity is great for about all I would drink at one lunch or event etc. I have started liking the design now, but for people who don’t like the same design multiple designs are available.

All in all these are awesome water bottles and I am proud to own one. Mine was bought on clearance for around $8 dollars, but if you aren’t lucky enough to have a Target with it on sale near you, they run about 15 dollars for 24oz bottles. You could also buy at thermos.com which has a few more design choices for 15 dollars but you would also have to pay shipping.
      Wherever you buy ROHO water-bottles are awesome!

17 January 2011

Random sentence of the day

How will the mechanic complete another cunning battery?

(Add your own random sentences) XD

11 January 2011

Free Cinnabon Cream of Wheat

Free Cinnabon... Cream of Wheat. (You thought it was free Cinnabon didn't you!)
Go Here: http://www.creamofwheat.com/cinnabon/  and find the link on the bottom right. Theres also a coupon on the left if you can't wait for it to arrive in the mail!

10 January 2011

Internet Problems

For some annoyingly strange reason, my internet has decided to go crazy and not work right, but still work. I can, currently, access Blogger,Gmail, YouTube... Yeah, any Google-run sites. But no Facebook, or craigslist, etc. etc. So it has made me question, what did I do with the time I spend on Facebook now, before I had an account. So I took a look back at my pictures and videos from the last couple years. I found some videos I had completely forgotten about, but are very funny, and pictures that brought back memories. I realized, before Facebook, I was apparently more creative, and used my camera a lot more. I wonder what would happen now if I stopped or cut down on my Facebook use...Would I wander around wondering what to do without Facebook.. Or would I get my camera out, and film random videos. What would you do without your social network?


09 January 2011

Random Comic Strips of the Day!

Okay, so just for fun, read some random comic strips! :) Enjoy! And thank you Charles Schulz!

08 January 2011

Please Help Me!

Ok, I really need your help! Nomorerack, is having a promotion, and if I can find 600 people to join from my link, I will get an ipad! Now it would be great if I could get you to help me and sign up from my link http://www.nomorerack.com/?cr=126456 <-- THAT is the link. If I do get the number of referrals I need to win the ipad, I will have a giveaway! You have to use my link above though, or I won't get the credit.


No.. I don't mean the International Wire Group, or Idiots Without Granola. I mean Instant Win Games. There are soooo many instant win games, I'm not going to even attempt to give you a list, but I will give you a bit of a explanation of what they are. IWGs are games online that after you play you can win anything from a box of pop-tarts to a recliner.
 You can find a list of all the IWGs here, and this list is consistently being updated so you won't find any outdated games and so you will see all the new games that are always coming out!

Free DenTek Floss Picks

All you have to do is go to dentek.com and click the 'Get a Free Sample' button. Then comes the 4-6 weeks of waiting. 

07 January 2011

Free Pantene Sample

If you text PANTENECOLOR to 59999 you can get a sample of Pantene.  It will take a total of 3 text to complete the offer and you'll have to meet the eligibility requirements. I suggest creating a Google Voice account (you have to have a gmail/google account first) so you get free texts, which is a good thing :)


Ok.. so not trying to overwhelm you with posts, but i just found the cutest recipe I've ever seen. Its for Penguins, made from Olives and Cream Cheese .. its got veggies so it can't be too bad for you. Right?

You can find it here http://www.smockityfrocks.com/2009/11/cheese-ball-igloo-with-cream-cheese.html and if you do make it send me some of it. JK


Notice anything?

I hope you do, notice something that is. (Hint! Hint! The blog looks different)

What do you think of the new layout/design? Do you find it harder or easier to read? Is there something that could be done to make it more appealing?
Your thoughts are appreciated!!

Which reminds me about survey companies that appreciate your thoughts. Because u.talk.back sent me a $50 American Eagle giftcard for my thoughts over a couple months. And also a $25 Starbucks card.. which I used as a Christmas present. I can't give you a referal link, but American Eagle will send out invites on occasion if you join their mailing list... which also gives you some good coupons, and sale alerts. 

So, I'm sitting here in my free AE hoodie typing away... and trying to find freebies... And I find out nomorerack is having a promotion. if I can find 350 people to join I can get that ipad I've been wanting. Ok I doubt that is going to happen, but if I can get 15 people to join I get lip gloss! And the people who join can start inviting their friends and they can get lipgloss, and etc. etc. and we will rid the world of chapped lips!So if you could please please help me out and use this referal link to join nomorerack (which has awesome sales everyday) I'll try and do a giveaway or something as a way of saying thanks! Heres the all important link:http://www.nomorerack.com/?cr=126456
If you don't join from this link I won't get credit for it and then the world won't be rid of chapped lips. So pleeeaassseeee help me out, and join!! 

Thanks for reading!

05 January 2011

This is a mundane and tedious post..

Ok, so, although I designed this blog with the intent of doing only freebies, deals and reviews, I am going to tweak that a little and make this a blog for teens.. well not just teens, whoever wants to read what I write, which will include Freebies but also music, and life and whatever...If you are looking for a freebie exclusive blog, I suggest thefreebieblogger.com or itsallfreeonline.com
But I hope you keep reading my blog because...well I like people reading my blog : P 

If you want to get in touch with me you can always email me at thedealteen@gmail.com with whatever it is you have to say to me and if I can do anything for you I will try to do it or if you ask a question I will try to answer as soon as I find the answer :)

03 January 2011

A review of Fontspace!

You've probably noticed that I am writing in alot of dIfferent fonts... Ok so you haven't because they aren't installed on my blog, but if you could see how this was originally written on my computer it would look pretty cool. 
Anyway this is because I just downloaded all sorts of fonts onto my computer from fontspace.com. There you can find anything from flowing,cursive prints, to prints from your favorite movies and TV shows. (Such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Lord of the Rings)  all for free! 
    Anway if you are tired of writing in only the plain fonts found on your computer fontspace is for you. Now I don't suggest you write any school papers in some crazy looking font, but for fun, notes to friends, etc. etc., the fonts from fontspace.com are perfect. If you want to use them for a logo or anything non-personal though, make sure before you download that it is commercial use friendly.
  Whatever you want to use the fonts for, fontspace.com has almost any font you could want ( and some you may not want) for free. Check them out here, http://www.fontspace.com  and start downloading some sweet new fonts today!
 Thanks for reading and if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions you can of course comment below or email me at thedealteen@gmail.com
 Have a great day and new year!


Hey all you readers..if you're reading.
I hope your 2011 has been going well. 
Well, I found something awesome to brighten it up if it hasn't... or even if it has! :-) 
Tomorrow, Dr. Oz and Nike are partnering up to give away 2,011 pairs of Nike shoes. Yes they are free, but there is a catch. You have to be in the first 2,011 people to go here at 3 pm on tomorrow, the 4th of January. Good luck I hope you... and I :-) get some shoes!