01 June 2012

Raised Right.. Maybe

Raised Right: How I Untangled My Faith From Politics- by Alisa Harris

For Alisa Harris, the term Christianity always entitled a certain set of political views. If you were a Christian, it obviously determined that you must be a conservative Republican, that you’re pro-life, and you believe that America is God’s chosen land.  When she left home, Alisa took a step back and realized that Christian doesn’t mean Republican . Raised Right is her memoir of her political journey up till now and how she has developed her own views. The refreshing thing about this book is that Alisa isn’t necessarily trying to convert you to her political stance, but rather trying to get you to understand her viewpoint (and that of many in her generation) and to get you to consider your political views against God’s word.
   Filled with anecdotes, Raised Right is a quick, easy read but lacks any oomph. Though each chapter has it’s own conclusion the book is very inconclusive. In the epilogue the author says that she has learned that Jesus wants us to care. It seems to be all she has learned in her life. As a Christian I believe Jesus wants us to do more than just care. I believe he wants us to do something with our care, such as ‘cast our cares on him’ (1 Pet. 5-7) or be caring. Though I enjoyed this book I cannot say I would recommend it, I give it 2 out of 5 stars. 

28 December 2011

Reclaiming Lily

Before I start this review I need to explain some stuff, although I am a native born American, I grew up in Australia and my mom grew up in Japan (and my family lived there until I was 3) Growing up many of my best friends were Asian, and my family still kinda Asian. 

This book follows the life of Dr. Chang Kai and the lives of her sister Joy/Lily and her adoptive family the Powells. The Powells although they tried their best at raising Joy, they made some mistakes and the book opens with Joy in Juvenille Detention. Kai and the Powells are both shocked and the story goes on to tell how they work to 'reclaim' her.

This story has some surprising plot twist and is very well characterized. It's also broken up well between Dr. Chang Kai's thoughts and Gloria Powells thoughts. In the beginning it can be hard to get into 1. Because of the jumping between times, and 2. Because of the general American prejudice against Dr. Chang. (Or maybe that was just me.. I don't know.) 

It made me laugh, fume, and hope. I love this book!!! I really reccomend reading it. 

If you want to know some more about adoption from China visit: http://www.coburnchinababy.com/4436.html and http://china.adoption.com/


09 November 2011

The Doctors Lady

The Doctor’s Lady starts out in New York and involves a man who can’t go to Oregon as a missionary by himself without being married, and a young woman who wanted to go to India as a missionary, but was told she needed to be married first. She is infertile and doesn’t think anyone will ever want to marry her, so she has determined never to marry. However, the man really wants to go west, so he convinces Priscilla to marry him as a business proposition.  The agreement is that they marry and he will do his best to protect her along the way, but if she doesn’t like it, or it is too dangerous, he will send her back to her parents’ home and they will have an annulment. This way, they both get to be missionaries, and they fulfill the mission board’s requirements.
          Of course during the trip, they start to really care for each other, and he discovers that he doesn’t want her to go back east. She discovers that she is glad she didn’t go to India, but came with him. He is a doctor, and the Nez Pierce that they are planning to work with could really use help with medical attention. There are many adventures along the way, where Priscilla almost dies and he is able to save her.
          This is actually based on a real story. There really was a couple who barely knew each other and travelled across what was to become the Oregon Trail.  She, and her companion were the first women to cross the Continental Divide. They crossed it on July 4, 1836. This book also brings out many of the missiological  ideas of the day; such as trying to take the Western culture to the heathen of the world. It shows the prejudice that people felt toward the Indian people as well. I thought it was a very good book.

08 November 2011

Three Cups

So all you frugal mothers out there, are you looking for a good way to teach your kids about money, and being frugal too? Although I'd have to say the best thing to do is teach by example, I also highly reccomend using the book Three Cups, with your child (and with yourself!) This book is told from a child's perspective, complete with illustrations, and is very easy to read. It teaches everything from saving money at the bank, to giving to others. This is a book also has a great parent's guide at the back that will help use the principal of the three cups with your own kids! I very highly reccomend getting this book! Here is a link for it on Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/Three-Cups-Tony-Townsley/dp/1400317495/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1320784488&sr=8-7, where you can get it for just $7.00 New with shipping ( or $10 from Amazon itself) 


22 October 2011

::I'm making my mom review books now!::

Curiosities of the Civil War
Strange Stories, Infamous Characters and Bizarre Events
By Webb Garrison
Review by Brenda
Just like the subtitle suggests, this book is full of little know facts about the Civil War and that time period. There are many personal details about Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. They were similar in many ways. There are stories about different women that didn’t want to be left home and came along with their husbands, brothers and fathers. One, Mrs. Turchin, refused to leave her husband when he was made colonel of the Nineteenth Illinois Regiment. She followed him wherever he went. Later, when he was about to go before a court-martial, she personally went to Lincoln and secured his pardon with her account of the incident of which he was accused. Months later, when her husband was ill, she was said to have taken over command of his unit and once even led in battle. (p.41) Another woman, left on board the F. P. Ellicott, got the crew drunk and took the ship back over from the Confederates that thought they had captured it.
There are also stories about how clergymen fought on both sides, how animals were used and taken as pets during the war. There is a story on page 88 about a dog belonging to Captain Werner Von Bachelle from the Union army. His dog learned “to perform military salutes and many other remarkable things.” At the end of the Battle of Antietam the Captain’s body was found guarded by the dog alone.
This book is not a book to sit down and read for hours at a time, but it is very interesting to read a chapter at a time to learn new things about the Civil War. You will find things that you didn’t know about it in this book.

-thedeaLteen, and mother

20 October 2011


Yeah, so what its a little early to be building snowmen? I've already bought Christmas presents so obviously it should start snowing soon.. Or maybe not. But I'm not talking about real snowmen, but the movie, Snowmen which will be coming out..TOMORROW!! So maybe it's not too early for snow after all.

I had the special chance to sneak preview this movie about a week ago and it is worth a watch, it's funny, interesting and has some surprising plot twists as well. It is rated PG for mild language, peril, bullying and juvenile humor, so parents may want to screen it before they let their kids watch it.

Have fun in the snow, if you have snow! : )


03 September 2011

Lilies in the Moonlight by Allison Pittman

Lillies in the Moonlight, by Allison Pittman, was a book, I admit, I put of reading all summer, because
(* CONFESSION *) I judged it by it's cover. But when I finally picked it up, I read through it, in 2 days. From the very beginning, the character of Lilly drew me in, and I wanted to read of her adventures and what would happen to her. I mean, who *couldn't* be enthralled by a 1920's flapper who sells cosmetics door to door? (That was rhetorical!) And for those who find such things silly there is the character of Cullen, an ex-baseballer, scarred by war. And if you still are bored add in an elderly lady who is slowly losing her memory. And a few million dollars. And God. And hopes of redemption. In short, almost a recipe for success.

    As I said before from the beginning, and in fact, all the way through to the end, the characters drew me in and I felt as if I were in the 1920's themselves. I highly reccomend reading this book, although I do not reccomend buying it, as it is not the type of book that you would be likely to read more than once. So check for it in your local library! And enjoy you time in the 1920's. You may come back with a few new words!


26 June 2011

Free DVD Rental Blockbuster Express

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Thanks to gosampling.com for this!!

18 June 2011

Walgreens Brand

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is a review of my experience with Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Antacid Tablets (Read: Tums) 

I picked up this product ( Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Antacid Tablets) the other day as we were almost out of Antacid Tablets. I grabbed the Pepper mint flavor as it was twice the number of tablets of the berry flavor, but the same price. :) I will admit, I've never had peppermint flavored Antacid tablets, but these aren't too bad.. given that I'm definetly not a mint fan, (so much I rarely even use mint tooth-paste!) They aren't so strong I have to spit it out, but not flavorless either. The thing I really like about  these Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Antacid Tablets is that they don't taste as much like candy as other flavors of Antacid tablets do, so I don't overload on them, or eat them when I don't really need them.. which I sorta have a habit of doing on occasion. I'd give thse  Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Antacid Tablets a 5 star rating.. You can find this product, (AND MORE!) at your local Walgreens store, or visit  this site: Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products

Another interesting thing about Walgreens is that the purchase of every Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Product brings preventative wellness services to local communities through the Walgreens Way to Well Fund ™! In addition to the $3 million Walgreens will contribute annually to the Walgreens Way to Well Fund, Walgreens, through the Walgreens Way to Well Fund ™, will provide free preventative health tests ( as well as other health & wellness services and education of the community) some of which will be through the National Urban League Health & Wellness Tour and the program will also include vouchers redeemable in-store at Walgreens. You can learn more here:  Walgreens Way to Well Fund™



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