29 May 2011

Free music? I think so!

Looking for some new tunes? Look no further!! 
Check here: http://www.freejamiegrace.com/ for a good song.
And watch your fave genre's on Amazon for new songs, from new artitsts, and maybe from your favorite artitsts. 
Also check out guvera.com which has some good music from many main stream artists for free. ( Yes it IS legal. Companies pay for the music and you find out about them.. they hope!) 


24 May 2011

4 - 3 = 1 clueless reader

I picked this book up, not realizing that it was the last of a 4 part series. I picked it up and tried to read it, but honestly I couldn't understand most of it. Even though I read the Prologue which explained what had happened before, I just couldn't understand what was going on. I enjoy fantasy novels, and usually I read through them in a couple days, however, The Ale Boy's Feast was just over my head. The story moves slowly and doesn't stay on the same character at all, so just as I got into, understood, and liked a character, the chapter would finish and it would be about a different character. I finally gave up reading this all together. Maybe one day I will pick it up, read it and find it is a beautiful story, which I don't doubt, but so far it doesn't appeal to me. Too much jumping from character to character, very long chapters, and weird made up words that mean nothing to me aren't up my alley I guess. (don't get me wrong, made up words aren't bad... just not when they don't have clear explanations)
If you have already read the 3 other books in the Auralia Thread and enjoyed them, I would suggest reading this book though.

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