07 January 2011

Notice anything?

I hope you do, notice something that is. (Hint! Hint! The blog looks different)

What do you think of the new layout/design? Do you find it harder or easier to read? Is there something that could be done to make it more appealing?
Your thoughts are appreciated!!

Which reminds me about survey companies that appreciate your thoughts. Because u.talk.back sent me a $50 American Eagle giftcard for my thoughts over a couple months. And also a $25 Starbucks card.. which I used as a Christmas present. I can't give you a referal link, but American Eagle will send out invites on occasion if you join their mailing list... which also gives you some good coupons, and sale alerts. 

So, I'm sitting here in my free AE hoodie typing away... and trying to find freebies... And I find out nomorerack is having a promotion. if I can find 350 people to join I can get that ipad I've been wanting. Ok I doubt that is going to happen, but if I can get 15 people to join I get lip gloss! And the people who join can start inviting their friends and they can get lipgloss, and etc. etc. and we will rid the world of chapped lips!So if you could please please help me out and use this referal link to join nomorerack (which has awesome sales everyday) I'll try and do a giveaway or something as a way of saying thanks! Heres the all important link:http://www.nomorerack.com/?cr=126456
If you don't join from this link I won't get credit for it and then the world won't be rid of chapped lips. So pleeeaassseeee help me out, and join!! 

Thanks for reading!

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