10 January 2011

Internet Problems

For some annoyingly strange reason, my internet has decided to go crazy and not work right, but still work. I can, currently, access Blogger,Gmail, YouTube... Yeah, any Google-run sites. But no Facebook, or craigslist, etc. etc. So it has made me question, what did I do with the time I spend on Facebook now, before I had an account. So I took a look back at my pictures and videos from the last couple years. I found some videos I had completely forgotten about, but are very funny, and pictures that brought back memories. I realized, before Facebook, I was apparently more creative, and used my camera a lot more. I wonder what would happen now if I stopped or cut down on my Facebook use...Would I wander around wondering what to do without Facebook.. Or would I get my camera out, and film random videos. What would you do without your social network?


1 comment:

  1. The second after I posted this the internet returned to normal! LOL