30 August 2010

Freebies for Monday!

Hey everyone! How's your Monday been? If it's been going badly, maybe these freebies will make you happy! If its been good so far these freebies may make it even better!!!
Here goes!
Free Pen! Starting at 12 noon every day. You have to be REALLY fast though because they go quickly.
Free Socks You have to submit a video or photo with essay though. 
Free Dr. Pepper Coupon by liking the Facebook page for Murphy USA
Free Eyeliner or Lipgloss (with free makeover)
Free Herbal Essences Sample
Free Sewing Kit

Ok, I think thats all I have today! Thanks for reading and if you want to contact me about anything you can comment below or email me: thedealteen@gmail.com
 - thedeaLteen 

26 August 2010

Small Collection of Freebies for this 26th of August

Hey Guys! I hope you have been having a great week so far.Here's a small collection of freebies to brighten your day! 
Free Bookmarks
Free Sample of Flix Interdental Stix
Free Sample of IdeaPaint (Available everywhere!)
Free Wood Photo Frame
Think that's about it. Enjoy! If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or complaints you can comment below or write me here: thedealteen@gmail.com


24 August 2010

10 dollars off 10 at JC Penneys!

Made a totally awesome bargain today at JCPenney.com. Grabbed a pair of jeans for 1.40 (Plus 5.95 shipping). How? Used the coupon code TEN2YOU. In all I spent just 7.72. Great for a pair of jeans. You can use this code too, but only until Aug. 28th. I also scored 3% cash back through shopping with Ebates. Check them out here: http://www.ebates.com 
 Great deal all round!
 Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions you can always contact me at thedealteen@gmail.com  
     - thedeaLteen

22 August 2010

Free download of "Love Story"

Hey! Freebie of the day is a download of Taylor Swift's song Love Story. Don't worry it's completely legal, and completely free. 
You can find it here- http://leilovestory.bigmachinerecords.com/ 
This is courtesy of Lei. Enjoy! 


Hey! And welcome to this first post from thedeaLteen! By reading this you are making history… well maybe not, but you are at least making my day!
I’m Erika, and I’ve created this blog to be a go-to source for other teens* about freebies, sweet deals, and reviews on the best products out there. Finding freebies, and deals is a hobby of mine and has been for a while. I will try to post something at least every other day so keep an eye out because most freebies are gone quickly!

Any suggestions are very welcome, and if you want you can contact me at thedealteen@gmail.com 
Thanks so much for reading!

* Please note, that even though I said teens, anyone who is not a teen is of course allowed and welcomed to comment or make suggestions. Just know this blog is aimed towards teens and college students/young adults *