25 September 2010

New Worldwide Sample

Good news! Here is a great worldwide sample. Go to teasta.com, choose any two sample size teas, add them to your cart and enter the code TRYME. Voila! Your free sample will be on its way. 
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24 September 2010

Facebook page!!

I know I already posted today.. but I'm sure you won't mind if I post again? Right?
You probably aren't even reading actually because no-one ever comments.
But anyway if you are I've created a Facebook page for my blog. Just search, ThedeaLteen and you should find it! That way you can invite all your friends.

Bye! - thdeaLteen

Great Deals/ Freebies all in one place, and one post!

Hey. Notice how it has actually been less then a week since I last posted! Thats pretty much because I found a great new site you have to try though. It's awesome! Especially with Christmas coming soon-it is you know- it has some good deals. It's called One Kings Lane. They have different sales each week of mainly home decor items, but many other things too like water bottles or other things that would probably be a good gift. Anyway, if you join from a friend you get a $15 credit you wouldn't get otherwise. Right now they have bamboo salad servers for $8 with 7.95 shipping, which brings the grand total to 95 cents.. Or if you can find some friends to join you could get other things, completely free. Then use them for yourself, gifts... Or dog toys.
You know how I said you could only get $15 credit by joining from a friend? I'm that friend. If you email me (thedealteen@gmail.com) asking to be referred I can refer you today! It gets me $15 too- so even if you don't think you'd use it please let me refer you because it doesn't do anything to you except the occasional email which you can just delete- So please just email me and ask me to refer you.. that way if you want something, someday within the next 6 months (the credits expire after 6 months) you can get it!

Ok.. I guess am ready to finish this post. Please email me with any questions, complaints, or comments at the dealteen@gmail.com. And please please shoot me an email for a referal to One Kings Lane.

 Over and Out. - thedeaLteen

22 September 2010


Yeah I know, I know. I've been kind of silent on here for a while. I got a little busy and forgot about my blog. SORRY!! So to make up for it I've tried to find a few good freebies for you, and when I get a chance maybe a review or two.
Free 'Yikes! Lice!' Children's book (Thanks to thefreebieblogger.com for all 5 of the following)
Two $10 off $10 coupon codes for JCPenney.com right now. GO4TEN and LIZ4YOU

Ok... Here is a freebie I found at dazeesdailyfreebies.blogspot.com. Its an awesome freebie blog...which, btw, is alot more consistent then mine, so I suggest you follow it.

And also here are some links to awesome sites that I personally use, so  you know they aren't spam
Swagbucks  - It's pretty awesome. And it doesn't take much to earn points. Just click the link and get started.
Lockerz... Ok so I don't have a referal link for this one,but if you email me, with an email address, and the subject 'I want to join Lockerz' I can send you an invite and you will get 500 points to begin with!!! Lockerz has a store where you can lower the prices on the items they have for sale with your points and every month they have 'redemptions' where you can use your points to get gift cards and even electronics!!

Ok, so that's the end of this blog post. If you want to email me with your complaints, rants, raves, compliments, or your deep desire to join Lockerz ( LOL) you can email me at: thedealteen@gmail.com
Signing out now- thedeaLteen
Oh wait I forgot to say that I was thinking about starting a facebook page for this blog. Would you be interested in that? And if I had that would you invite your friends??
Ok, Signing out.  - thedeaLteen
Oops, forgot something else, tell everyone you know about this blog
NOW I'm signing out - thedeaLteen

13 September 2010

Lots of Freebies for you!

Ok, I'm not even going to waste time talking today because there are a whole bunch of samples waiting for you attention!
Free Mineral Makeup Samples (US)
Free Book (Well Being for Dummies or Retirement for Dummies, US ONLY)
Free Sample of Sore No More ( US Only)
3 Free Issues of Seventeen Magazine (US ONLY)
Free Bracelet ( US ONLY)
Free Shirt (US)
Free Cross (US)
Free Sample of Jergens Overnight Repair (US ONLY)

Sorry about them being only US.. Couldn't help that. I will try and find more worldwide another day.
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10 September 2010


Well... actually I don't really work except school, and I don't really care that much that it's Friday.. But I'm sure some of you do so..
I'll change it to... These are Great Idealistic Freebies. Although I doubt it will catch on.

Free 2.oz Men's Body Wash coupon @ Bath and Body Works ( Available only if you have a nearby B&B Works store)
Free Soy Meal Replacement Sample
Free Kashi Snack
Free Poster ( Possibly available worldwide.. It doesn't tell where it ships to)

I guess thats about it! Thanks for reading, please suggest to all your friends, and you can contact me at thedealteen@gmail.com!
   ~ thedeaLteen

09 September 2010


Hey Everyone! How's your week been? I hope you've had a good week. I know mine hasn't really been the greatest, but there are always those weeks, right?
Anyway, I should get started with the freebies!
Free Airfreshener Worldwide. Thanks to Frugal Freebies
Free Baby Nail clippers 
Free Ice Cream at Carvel 
Free Harley Davidson Poster 

.. And now I've run out of good freebies. So.. Thanks for reading, You can contact me at thedealteen@gmail.com if you have something to say, and please please suggest this blog to your friends! 
 ~ thedeaLteen