30 August 2010

Freebies for Monday!

Hey everyone! How's your Monday been? If it's been going badly, maybe these freebies will make you happy! If its been good so far these freebies may make it even better!!!
Here goes!
Free Pen! Starting at 12 noon every day. You have to be REALLY fast though because they go quickly.
Free Socks You have to submit a video or photo with essay though. 
Free Dr. Pepper Coupon by liking the Facebook page for Murphy USA
Free Eyeliner or Lipgloss (with free makeover)
Free Herbal Essences Sample
Free Sewing Kit

Ok, I think thats all I have today! Thanks for reading and if you want to contact me about anything you can comment below or email me: thedealteen@gmail.com
 - thedeaLteen 

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