01 June 2012

Raised Right.. Maybe

Raised Right: How I Untangled My Faith From Politics- by Alisa Harris

For Alisa Harris, the term Christianity always entitled a certain set of political views. If you were a Christian, it obviously determined that you must be a conservative Republican, that you’re pro-life, and you believe that America is God’s chosen land.  When she left home, Alisa took a step back and realized that Christian doesn’t mean Republican . Raised Right is her memoir of her political journey up till now and how she has developed her own views. The refreshing thing about this book is that Alisa isn’t necessarily trying to convert you to her political stance, but rather trying to get you to understand her viewpoint (and that of many in her generation) and to get you to consider your political views against God’s word.
   Filled with anecdotes, Raised Right is a quick, easy read but lacks any oomph. Though each chapter has it’s own conclusion the book is very inconclusive. In the epilogue the author says that she has learned that Jesus wants us to care. It seems to be all she has learned in her life. As a Christian I believe Jesus wants us to do more than just care. I believe he wants us to do something with our care, such as ‘cast our cares on him’ (1 Pet. 5-7) or be caring. Though I enjoyed this book I cannot say I would recommend it, I give it 2 out of 5 stars. 

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