13 June 2011

Summer Must Have list!

You'll also wanna good bag for going to
the beach or pool or wherever. I love Baggu's
bags. They're cute, durable and would be great
for wet clothes or swim suits. There's a VAST array
of patterns and colors to chose from so you might want
to buy two.. or three! Visit baggubag.com for more info.
     $8 each or $22 for 3
I figured I would make this.. for all you people that don't read my blog.. so anyway..on with the list!
You'll need a good lip balm, probably with a SPF and would definitively reccomend EOS lip balms! I love the design and it tastes great too! The only one with SPF though is the Lemon flavor (at 15 SPF) so if you dislike lemons, I reccomend checking out Burt's Bees.
$3.00 at Walmart.
You're also gonna want... should I say NEED! a good pair of flip flops. I personally have a pair of Roxy flip flops that I love (even though they are currently infected with poison oak) and have had for a year or so and they are still in good condition. A+ for quality. However if you're a dude.. well you can't get Roxys.. and I don't really have any knowledge about guys sandals. I do know that if you have a mega budget Rainbow sandals are the bestest!! They last forever!
Anyway a good place to find good, (probably name-brand) flip flops is Ross, you can likely find a pair you like for $10 or less. Not bad if you consider that they will last longer than the $5 Walmart flip flops.  
$8 or more at Ross Stores.
In addition to a good pool/beach bag you'll want a good overnight bag for vacations. I've been enchanted by Dakine's EQ bags, which are of good quality and come in some pretty awesome patterns. I own two and am completely satisfied with both. As an added plus you can get all sorts of extra stuff to go with your bag  that match the pattern (laptop
sleeves, toiletries bags, etc.) These bags are currently $40 for the medium size (About what you'll want for a weeks worth of stuff/clothes) at Altrec.com, but they will probably be on sale sooner or later. (I got mine for about $25) If you really want one, I'd recommend looking on Ebay.com, where you'd probably find one you like!
$40 at Altrec.com
Also for you're summer you'll want a good book to read, because you should really enter your library's reading program. Some libraries have extravagant prizes (Ipods, gift cards) others aren't on such a grand scale, but you should really visit your local library to see what they have going one. Anyway as for books, I recommend The Charlatan's Boy by Jonathan Rogers. It's a good, fun read and would make a good start to your summer! You can read my review on this book on this blog. Some other titles I recommend are The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck, Adam, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and Skin. If you'd like more recommendations you can ask your librarian, or me at thedealteen@gmail.com And remember all books are free if you get them at the library! 
That's all for now.. Enjoy your summer!

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