28 April 2011

JC Penney Biggest Sale

Heads up! JC Penney's 'Biggest Sale' is actually really good(and big). I popped by today.. and although I spent about 20 minutes waiting for a dressing room and another 15 or so in line ( the lady in front of my was buying about 30 pairs of jeans) it was definetly worth it. I came out of there with a shirt, a pair of jeans, and a skirt and I only paid 1.17. Jeans were on clearance for 2.97 and they had soo much on sale in store and they have some great coupons out too. Like this one for $10 off $25: http://f.jcpenneyem.com/i/2/95827765/welcomemain.html?
Or if you're on the JCP mailing list, you should have recieved a $10 off $10 in the mail.
Let me know what deal YOU find!!


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