18 November 2010

Woot!! I love getting freebies!!

So.. umm... This is embarrassing. I haven't posted in forever. 
So has anyone starting recieving freebies yet? If you have and would like to post a picture go to our Facebook page and post a picture. Don't forget to invite your friends. (If the link won't work for you just search for ThedeaLteen and you should find it easily)

Well I came here to post because yesterday I opened my mailbox to find a full role of Scotch Blue Tape (for painters) and a $20 check from Survey Savvy (Not a member yet? Click here: https://www.surveysavvy.com?id=4158650&action=join )  Also yesterday I ordered a $25 gift card from 
another survey  company that I'm going to use as a gift.

How about any of you? Successes? Failures? Do you have a favorite survey company?

Thanks for reading and please invite your friends to read! Also if you have any questions, comments,
rants, or raves.. Or if you would be interested in doing a guest post feel free to contact me-

- thedeaLteen

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